Mike Baur Talks About Three Ingredients For Successful Startups

Mike Baur is the founder and Chairman of a company that can take entrepreneurs’ ideas and turn them into working companies within a short period of time. The way this works is by creating a network of investors who are interested in these entrepreneurs’ companies and connecting the entrepreneurs to those clients. If the business ideas can survive a three-month test at Baur’s company, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF), they will get the funding they need. Baur has three ingredients he believes are needed to turn these startups into successful companies.


First, Mike Baur says entrepreneurs need to be willing to make everything happen. Nothing ever happens by chance when building a business and it’s up to you to make sure you have a real plan to beat your competitors. Second, Baur says every business founder needs to have a plan to change and adapt because things will always be changing amidst the technology revolution. And finally, all businesses that grow must be willing to take risks along the way. Baur has certainly seen this as a change in thinking from the old Swiss way of being risk averse.


Mike Baur remembers how it was before the technology revolution took off and Switzerland was a country built heavily on its banks. Baur at one time sought to be one of those bankers when he enrolled as a 16-year old apprentice at UBS Bank back in 1991 and was told how he could move up the ladder until he reached retirement. He was a brilliant young man who was already managing client investments by the time he reached his 20s and received several commendations from UBS’s Board of Directors. In 2008 not long before the recession hit, Baur became head of the commercial banking division at Clariden Leu and everything seemed to be going just as he had planned. But after the recession, Baur saw how banking was changing and not for the better, so in 2014 he left it and decided to pursue his own ideas.


Mike Baur became good friends with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer who had also decided to leave banking and go elsewhere after the recession, and they decided they could invest in new businesses if they had the right structure to accelerate them. The SSUF was launched near the end of 2014 and has become a partner company with CTI and Fintech Fusion. Baur has also traveled around to various universities introducing his company and hosting seminars with incentives for students to pitch their ideas to investors.

Dr. David Samadi Offers Groundbreaking Procedures for Urology Patients

Throughout his career, Dr. David Samadi has been blessed with the foresight to see and adapt to changing technologies and times in prostate surgeries and exams. In a recent Q&A, he discussed the way that his work and his mindset have affected him and the people he works with the most. One of the most valuable, and yet undervalued professions, Dr. David Samadi said, are the nurses. Among the best money he’d ever spent was a parting monetary gift for a retiring nurse friend, so that she may have a little extra enjoyment in her retirement. This reflects a greater attitude he feels more businessmen and doctors should embrace, of treating their co-workers like family – eating, spending vacations, and experiencing the varied emotions of their jobs together.

Dr. David Samadi became famous for pioneering the use of laparoscopic technology, as learned in France, to improve upon prostate surgeries. He also studied robotic surgery techniques in Creteil. With the use of precision robots, the rate of complications went down, and the positive results of the surgeries increased. The method is now known as the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, or SMART, and has helped prevent many health problems including incontinence and sexual dysfunction, which can occur after prostate surgeries.

He now serves as the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lennox Hospital in New York City, where he has honed many of the groundbreaking procedures of his career. Throughout his life, he has served patients in over 40 countries, diagnosis and treating prostate diseases.

As a result of his fame and success, Dr. David Samadi has frequently appeared on Fox News to give his perspective on legislature impacting health care and medicine in the United States. He even hosts a radio show called “World Health News” from New York City and frequently writes and blogs about updates and changes within the world of medicine.

Dr. David Samadi attended various high schools in England, Belgium, and USA during his youth after fleeing post-revolution Iran. Despite those challenges, he still knew that he wanted to become a doctor. In the end, he graduated from Stony Brook University with a biochemistry degree, and continued onto its medical school where he graduated with accolades. He then trained and specialized in Urology at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and became a practicing urologist with expertise at treating prostate, kidney and bladder cancers.

Ted Bauman Explains How Parents Can Help Their Children Plan for Retirement

Ted Bauman explains that social security is not the only option for retirement. Of course, politicians will always say how much they are going to help social security. This is because many older people who are on social security are potential voters for those politicians. They want to win their votes. Therefore, they will say or do anything to make them happy. They will promise them social security benefits. However, another option that would help people retire comfortably is setting up a retirement account whenever someone is born. Read more articles on ezinearticles.com

If instead of social security, the government would deposit just seven thousand dollars in an account towards a newborn’s retirement when that person is born, then the account would grow every year until it would have a million dollars by the time that baby turns seventy years old. They would be able to live for many years extremely comfortably.

Of course, this is not a foolproof plan. One problem is that things can happen that would disrupt it. Seventy years is a long time, and many things can change. Things can go wrong. Perhaps major changes will occur in the economy that would take away the benefits of the plan. Of course, the plan will not be put into place in any case, simply because politicians do not see any benefit of appealing to babies. Babies can not vote. They want to appeal to older people and will do all sorts of things for them.

However, Ted Bauman explains, that doesn’t mean that the plan is not a good one. It is a sound plan. The truth is that everyone can open a Roth. Young teenagers can do it with their babysitting money. Young people can do it with the money that they are earning from their first job. It is a good idea to do it, because it will help them save for retirement. Yet they do not do it, because they want to use the money now instead of planning ahead.

However, Ted Bauman suggests that as a parent, you can help your kid set up an account. You can be the one that will help them be safe in their retirement, long after you are gone. Your contributions would be considered a gift, but they would be exempt from gift taxes.

Ted Bauman, the editor of The Bauman Letter, has decades of experience in the financial market. He is also an experienced investor.

Know more:http://sovereignsociety.com/meet-the-experts/ted-bauman/

Securus Technologies Invests a Billion in Inmate Welfare Programs

The civil and criminal justice tech solutions provider of Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, has been working towards establishing better welfare for inmates for over five years now. The company has invested up to one billion dollars in the projects and is continuing to work towards their goals.


So far the Securus Technologies has invested a billion dollars in their work. The company wanted to optimize the video visitation options for people. Thus they acquired Primonics for $30 million so that they can establish better technology and services. In order to make it more affordable for families with lower incomes, Securus Technologies also dropped their rates for video visitations. That change saved their client a collective of nearly 300 M over the past five years.


Next, Securus Technologies committed to funding the Prison Entrepreneurship Program or PEPfor short. The company sponsored the PEP for five years which made grand changes to its operation and success rates. Securus Technologies did not only fund other programs and organization but also established one of their own. The Securus Foundation started operating recently in July 2017. It is a nonprofit organization which focuses on providing solutions for reducing recidivism and helps inmates to reenter society successfully.


In 2015, Securus Technologies also helped establish better education through the Lantern tech education platform. That and many other tools to provide better education to US prisons were received well by both the inmates and the prison officials.


These are only some of the examples of the projects that Securus Technologies has completed over the past handful of years n order to better the welfare of inmates across the United States. The Dallas-based firm has been coming out with newer and better civil and criminal justice solution, and reportedly has big plans for the upcoming year in terms of their products.



James Aziz: The Rolling Stock Giant

If you love learning about the success story of famous people, then the name Gregory James Aziz is meaningful to you whereas if you are in the rolling stock and freight industry the name Gregory Aziz and National steel car ring a bell. As for those who are wondering Gregory Aziz is one of the most successful people in the industry and this article offers you all the info you need about the multifaceted man.

Born in London in 1949, Gregory James is what most of us will perceive as the epitome of success and right indeed he is. He started off small and today is the owner of the largest and also the leading rolling stock companies among many other businesses. Similar to many successful people, Gregory James Aziz started off by getting his educational skills in economics from the University of Western Ontario where he got a major in the same field.


After university, James Aziz did not just head out to look for a job among A-list companies; instead, Gregory James Aziz decided to sharpen his fresh skills in economics by working with his family business which by then was just a local business by the name Affiliated Foods. Here his skills proved to be quite fruitful because, by the time he left Affiliated Foods, it was not only on the national map but was known globally as a fresh food importer and distributor to wholesale markets across different markets of the western hemisphere such as Canada, Brazil, the United States among many others.

Instead of being comfortable and just wait to take over the business fully, Gregory James Aziz did the unthinkable by leaving and moving to New York. Here he was on his own and again had to start from scratch something which most of us would not dare do knowing the success we have back at home. Nonetheless, Greg Aziz is not most of us and thanks to his prowess in matters economy and finance, James got jobs with preeminent investment banks such as Deutsche. Here is where Mr. Aziz first encountered National steel car. Greg would help them out with major financial issues and thanks to that; he was taken to be part of the team

Nonetheless, it was not such a good time for the company because it was encountering financial problems something that saw it sold to Hamilton Corporation in 1994 which belonged to Gregory James Aziz. So automatically James went from being a senior staff member to the CEO and also the owner. He used his position and prowess to transform the company, and by the year 2000, Gregory had turned it into a fortune with a higher production capacity and also more staff members. Since then he has never looked back and continues to soar to higher levels with each dawn. Through his position in the society, he gives back to the community through employment and also by participation in charity events by offering donations. Click Here For Related Article.

How Gregory James Aziz is Steering Growth at National Steel Car

With extensive experience in leadership, Gregory James Aziz is currently involved with National Steel Car. He oversees the management team of the railroad freight car manufacturing firm as president and CEO. National Steel Car has its corporate office in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz’s term at the company began back in the 1990s. Gregory also donates to the renowned Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in collaboration with his wife.

Greg Aziz schooled at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario (economics major). As a London, Ontario native, he gained his first business experience from Affiliated Foods in 1971. Back then, Affiliated Foods operated under his family’s management. The food service company underwent several restructuring transactions over a span of 16 years to become a global fresh foods importer. Affiliated Foods maintains its presence both in North and South America.


Gregory James Aziz Joining National Steel Car


After his short tenure at Affiliated Foods, Greg James Aziz relocated to New York to pursue a career in banking. At that time, National Steel Car was under the management and ownership of Dofasco. The company had already established itself to the Canadian car manufacturing market. In 1994, Greg Aziz’s professional career took a positive turn when he managed to organize the company’s purchase from Dofasco.


When organizing National Steel Car’s purchase, Greg Aziz had the ambition to expand the company to the North American market. Aziz was on a mission to achieve this goal through extensive human and capital investment. His efforts paid off after the company’s manufacturing capacity tripled by 1999. Over 3,000 employees are currently working for the firm.

What National Steel Car Seek to Achieve in the Future


National Steel Car strives to not only serve clients but also to support the Hamilton community. Courtesy of Gregory James Aziz’s leadership, the firm earned TTX SECO and ISO certifications. It is regarded as the only railroad freight car manufacturing firm to earn an ISO certification in North America.


As National Steel Car continues to explore more markets in North America, it also dedicates its resources to charity work. The railroad freight car manufacturer supports Canadian charities like the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius. The Salvation Army and the United Way also rely on the firm’s charitable donations. National Steel Car also brings together its employees during an annual Christmas party. During the party, the employees also get the chance to participate in a large food drive that supports local food banks.


Click Here For More Information on Greg Aziz and National Steel Car.

George Soros is not a Liberal Monster

People tend to vilify individuals that they cannot control. This is true for the average person that has to deal with troublesome people in their lives. It is also true for political and social organizations that must deal with people that oppose their agenda. Many conservative organizations and leaders are doing this very thing to George Soros. They know that he is a very firm believer in democracy and open societies. These two ideologies are the primary reasons why he supports liberal causes. This in turns enrages and frustrates the conservatives. They know that his staggering amount of wealth allows him to do so much for the liberal agenda.

George Soros is an astute businessman who had managed to make billions of dollars throughout his long and successful investing career. After Soros amassed his fortune he eventually turned his attention to the world of politics. It was in this world where he would make his biggest contributions to all of humanity.

Soros is a firm believer in open societies. While he is not a politician by trade he certainly interacts with the world from a political and social perspective. The billionaire magnet uses his vast finances to support thousands of liberal organizations all over the world. The reason he supports them is to keep tyrannous and traditional governments in check. Soros knows from first-hand experience how bad things can be for people when a dictator or corrupted political party is in control. He was a Jewish teenager living in Hungary when the Nazis dominated the country.

Conservatives are really fed up with this man. They believe that whatever liberal action takes place in the world, Soros is somehow connected to it. When a protest happens to stop a government action – George Soros somehow paid people to stage the protest.

When a NFL quarterback takes a knee during the national anthem to protest the treatment of black people – Soros somehow encouraged him to take this stance. Various governments around the world even believes that Soros is influencing some nations with his wealth to do his bidding. Soros just can’t get a break from conservative conspiracy theorists who love to discredit his name.

Soros is not phased. He does not care what the right thinks of him. He knows that the work he does is important. He also knows that he is being vilified because of the immense power and influence that he wields. If Soros is truly a monster, he is only being presented in this way to make the right feel like they can handle him. Outside of doing this, there is not a lot that right wing organizations and leaders can do to bring him down. Soros will not stop pushing the cause of democracy and helping societies to remain open. The world is truly full of monsters but George Soros is definitely not one of them. You can discover more about Soros and his efforts to help liberalism to flourish on the Foreign Policy Foreign Policy website.

Gregory Aziz Bridged the North American Rail Gap

Even though National Steel Car is based in Canada, it is a company that can be seen all over North America. From the United States to Mexico and Canada, National Steel Car has made its mark on the rail industry. In fact, the ability of the company to market and sell their products to people all around the continent is something Gregory Aziz aimed to do when he took over the company. He wanted to make the rail cars more accessible for every company that wanted to be able to use them for different transportation needs in different situations.


Gregory J Aziz was not the first owner of National Steel Car. He purchased the company from the original owner after it looked like it was not going to be able to survive the rail industry recession. Gregory Aziz knew he would need to make the company better, but he was prepared for that when he bought it. Gregory J Aziz felt he was the perfect fit for the job because he had a lot of experience in the business. He knew what a good investment looked like, so he was prepared to make National Steel Car the company it could be.


Greg Aziz worked hard on the company when he first started it. He wanted to give it the boost it needed early on in his ownership, so he would be successful in the future of the ownership. It wasn’t always easy for Greg Aziz to make the company the best it could be, but he persisted to the point where he was able to be successful. Now, National Steel Car is a multi-million-dollar company. It serves people all over the continent, and it is no longer at risk of becoming a defunct company. Get More Info Here.


As long as Gregory James Aziz continues to do what he can to make National Steel Car a better company, he will have a chance to try different things with it. He has remained dedicated throughout his life so he can try to make things better for all the people who are working in different situations. There are also many things Gregory James Aziz has done to make National Steel Car the best it can be without the problems that often come from running a business. As long as Gregory James Aziz knows what he is doing with the company, it will be a successful one.

See: http://bitsylink.com/2017/08/26/meet-greg-aziz-a-successful-entrepreneur-philanthropist-and-a-family-man/

The Curious Life of Gregory Aziz

Born in 1949 in London, Ontario, Gregory James Aziz spent his entire life driven to succeed. In 1971, he graduated with honors from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics. His first job out of school was with a fresh food wholesaler named Affiliated Foods, a company which had been founded by members of his family. He helped Affiliated Foods grow until they were bringing in fresh foods from as far away as Europe and using distribution points across North America.


Gregory J Aziz, who prefers to be simply called Greg Aziz, seems to always be looking for new worlds to conquer. He left Affiliated Foods for the high-risk, high-pressure world of investment banking. During his time in investment banking, Greg Aziz oversaw a business deal that would assure his future as an industrialist: the purchase of rail car manufacturer National Steel Car (NSC) from steel industry giant ArcelorMittal Dofasco.

Founded in 1912 as the Imperial Steel Car company, NSC had achieved notable success at the height of railway expansion in the early 1900s. As rail travel declined, so did National Steel Car. By the time of the sale in 1994, NSC’s 600 employees were producing around 3,000 rail cars per year. Aziz believed that an influx of capital would allow NSC to grow and prosper.


Using his knowledge and experience in investment banking, Aziz was able to secure funds for expansion. He increased research and development, engineering and capacity. By 1999, five short years after the takeover, National Steel Car was producing over 12,000 state-of-the-art rail cars and providing more than 3,000 high-paying manufacturing jobs.


The loyalty and dedication shown by his employees, whom he calls “team members,” is immense. Greg Aziz works hard to promote camaraderie and “esprit de corps, and credits the employees, rather than himself, for the success of the National Steel Car brand.

Aziz and his family, wife Irene, and daughters Karina and Natalie, sponsor several regional events and organizations, including: the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is Canada’s premier agricultural affair; the annual National Steel Car Christmas party, which is attended by all past and present employees and their families; the annual food drive to support local food banks; Theatre Aquarius, which provides theatrical productions, and holds classes in music, dance, and acting; the Hamilton Opera, which brings Italian Opera to thousands; the United Way; and the Salvation Army. Visit This Page for more info.

How Waiakea Water has Cemented its Status as a Popular Water Brand

Waiakea has undeniably become a firm favorite among consumers in the U.S and beyond. Not only is the brand providing pure mineral bottled water but it’s also going out of its way to incorporate degradable bottles next year.

The impressive move has been lauded by environmentalists courtesy of its ability to reduce packaging lifespan by over 98% and changing the CPG industry worldwide. In a nutshell, the bottle consists of a 100% recyclable material made of TimePlast, which is the first patented additive incorporated for use in nano-degradable plastic.

Why the Plastic Material is both Strong and Fragile

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According to Ryan Emmons, the CEO and Founder of Waiakea, creating this specific bottle meant adopting a different approach to using polymers. Coming in the wake of scientific advancement over the past 70 years, a radical shift to polymers meant that production mechanisms needed to move from only making stronger and better plastics to incorporating environmental concerns in their make-up.

Alternatively, incorporating a sustainable approach to developing biodegradable plastics proved to be a daunting yet achievable task in the manufacturing sector. The company opted to chemically degrade plastic as opposed to letting nature take its course. In a much deeper understanding, the entire process revolves around turning the polymer material into a biodegradable carbon-based wax. Even though regular wax degrades over thousands of years, introducing TimePlast additives ensures that the chemical bonds are broken down into much easier ones to decompose. Afterward, the process contributes to a small ecological footprint.

Waiakea’s Profile

Waiakea is a popular water brand specializing in the provision of bottled mineral water from the volcanic mountains in Hawaii. The production process entails harnessing the natural volcanic power needed to generate adequate water, packaging it in its natural state and satisfying customers’ needs.

Additionally, the company distributes its in-demand product beyond Hawaii as more consumers crave for the high-quality water. Sourced from Hilo town, the pristine water is purified through the volcanic Mountain Mauna Loa.

Waiakea’s mineral composition consists of crucial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium as well as a neutral pH (7). According to medical research, consuming alkaline water is proven to cause severe side effects. This has made the company harness its purification efforts to avoid this scenario.