Ted Bauman Explains How Parents Can Help Their Children Plan for Retirement

Ted Bauman explains that social security is not the only option for retirement. Of course, politicians will always say how much they are going to help social security. This is because many older people who are on social security are potential voters for those politicians. They want to win their votes. Therefore, they will say or do anything to make them happy. They will promise them social security benefits. However, another option that would help people retire comfortably is setting up a retirement account whenever someone is born. Read more articles on ezinearticles.com

If instead of social security, the government would deposit just seven thousand dollars in an account towards a newborn’s retirement when that person is born, then the account would grow every year until it would have a million dollars by the time that baby turns seventy years old. They would be able to live for many years extremely comfortably.

Of course, this is not a foolproof plan. One problem is that things can happen that would disrupt it. Seventy years is a long time, and many things can change. Things can go wrong. Perhaps major changes will occur in the economy that would take away the benefits of the plan. Of course, the plan will not be put into place in any case, simply because politicians do not see any benefit of appealing to babies. Babies can not vote. They want to appeal to older people and will do all sorts of things for them.

However, Ted Bauman explains, that doesn’t mean that the plan is not a good one. It is a sound plan. The truth is that everyone can open a Roth. Young teenagers can do it with their babysitting money. Young people can do it with the money that they are earning from their first job. It is a good idea to do it, because it will help them save for retirement. Yet they do not do it, because they want to use the money now instead of planning ahead.

However, Ted Bauman suggests that as a parent, you can help your kid set up an account. You can be the one that will help them be safe in their retirement, long after you are gone. Your contributions would be considered a gift, but they would be exempt from gift taxes.

Ted Bauman, the editor of The Bauman Letter, has decades of experience in the financial market. He is also an experienced investor.

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Securus Technologies Invests a Billion in Inmate Welfare Programs

The civil and criminal justice tech solutions provider of Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, has been working towards establishing better welfare for inmates for over five years now. The company has invested up to one billion dollars in the projects and is continuing to work towards their goals.


So far the Securus Technologies has invested a billion dollars in their work. The company wanted to optimize the video visitation options for people. Thus they acquired Primonics for $30 million so that they can establish better technology and services. In order to make it more affordable for families with lower incomes, Securus Technologies also dropped their rates for video visitations. That change saved their client a collective of nearly 300 M over the past five years.


Next, Securus Technologies committed to funding the Prison Entrepreneurship Program or PEPfor short. The company sponsored the PEP for five years which made grand changes to its operation and success rates. Securus Technologies did not only fund other programs and organization but also established one of their own. The Securus Foundation started operating recently in July 2017. It is a nonprofit organization which focuses on providing solutions for reducing recidivism and helps inmates to reenter society successfully.


In 2015, Securus Technologies also helped establish better education through the Lantern tech education platform. That and many other tools to provide better education to US prisons were received well by both the inmates and the prison officials.


These are only some of the examples of the projects that Securus Technologies has completed over the past handful of years n order to better the welfare of inmates across the United States. The Dallas-based firm has been coming out with newer and better civil and criminal justice solution, and reportedly has big plans for the upcoming year in terms of their products.



James Aziz: The Rolling Stock Giant

If you love learning about the success story of famous people, then the name Gregory James Aziz is meaningful to you whereas if you are in the rolling stock and freight industry the name Gregory Aziz and National steel car ring a bell. As for those who are wondering Gregory Aziz is one of the most successful people in the industry and this article offers you all the info you need about the multifaceted man.

Born in London in 1949, Gregory James is what most of us will perceive as the epitome of success and right indeed he is. He started off small and today is the owner of the largest and also the leading rolling stock companies among many other businesses. Similar to many successful people, Gregory James Aziz started off by getting his educational skills in economics from the University of Western Ontario where he got a major in the same field.


After university, James Aziz did not just head out to look for a job among A-list companies; instead, Gregory James Aziz decided to sharpen his fresh skills in economics by working with his family business which by then was just a local business by the name Affiliated Foods. Here his skills proved to be quite fruitful because, by the time he left Affiliated Foods, it was not only on the national map but was known globally as a fresh food importer and distributor to wholesale markets across different markets of the western hemisphere such as Canada, Brazil, the United States among many others.

Instead of being comfortable and just wait to take over the business fully, Gregory James Aziz did the unthinkable by leaving and moving to New York. Here he was on his own and again had to start from scratch something which most of us would not dare do knowing the success we have back at home. Nonetheless, Greg Aziz is not most of us and thanks to his prowess in matters economy and finance, James got jobs with preeminent investment banks such as Deutsche. Here is where Mr. Aziz first encountered National steel car. Greg would help them out with major financial issues and thanks to that; he was taken to be part of the team

Nonetheless, it was not such a good time for the company because it was encountering financial problems something that saw it sold to Hamilton Corporation in 1994 which belonged to Gregory James Aziz. So automatically James went from being a senior staff member to the CEO and also the owner. He used his position and prowess to transform the company, and by the year 2000, Gregory had turned it into a fortune with a higher production capacity and also more staff members. Since then he has never looked back and continues to soar to higher levels with each dawn. Through his position in the society, he gives back to the community through employment and also by participation in charity events by offering donations. Click Here For Related Article.

How Gregory James Aziz is Steering Growth at National Steel Car

With extensive experience in leadership, Gregory James Aziz is currently involved with National Steel Car. He oversees the management team of the railroad freight car manufacturing firm as president and CEO. National Steel Car has its corporate office in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz’s term at the company began back in the 1990s. Gregory also donates to the renowned Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in collaboration with his wife.

Greg Aziz schooled at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario (economics major). As a London, Ontario native, he gained his first business experience from Affiliated Foods in 1971. Back then, Affiliated Foods operated under his family’s management. The food service company underwent several restructuring transactions over a span of 16 years to become a global fresh foods importer. Affiliated Foods maintains its presence both in North and South America.


Gregory James Aziz Joining National Steel Car


After his short tenure at Affiliated Foods, Greg James Aziz relocated to New York to pursue a career in banking. At that time, National Steel Car was under the management and ownership of Dofasco. The company had already established itself to the Canadian car manufacturing market. In 1994, Greg Aziz’s professional career took a positive turn when he managed to organize the company’s purchase from Dofasco.


When organizing National Steel Car’s purchase, Greg Aziz had the ambition to expand the company to the North American market. Aziz was on a mission to achieve this goal through extensive human and capital investment. His efforts paid off after the company’s manufacturing capacity tripled by 1999. Over 3,000 employees are currently working for the firm.

What National Steel Car Seek to Achieve in the Future


National Steel Car strives to not only serve clients but also to support the Hamilton community. Courtesy of Gregory James Aziz’s leadership, the firm earned TTX SECO and ISO certifications. It is regarded as the only railroad freight car manufacturing firm to earn an ISO certification in North America.


As National Steel Car continues to explore more markets in North America, it also dedicates its resources to charity work. The railroad freight car manufacturer supports Canadian charities like the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius. The Salvation Army and the United Way also rely on the firm’s charitable donations. National Steel Car also brings together its employees during an annual Christmas party. During the party, the employees also get the chance to participate in a large food drive that supports local food banks.


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