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Felipe Montoro Jens | Career Growth and Infrastructure Involvement

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian-born nationality known for his leadership in various companies. In his career, Mr. Felipe has been a director of various companies including TENENGE UK Limited which he was appointed on 2012 and served for over one year. The company deals with civil engineering projects at http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923.


Felipe Montoro Jens attended FGV, a popular institution for its effort to offer education aimed at promoting the social and economic of Brazil, for his degree in business administration. Additionally, the institution has over eight branches and is ranked as one of the world’s top think tanks.

Later, Felipe Montoro Jens joined Thunderbird School of Global Management where he received his master in international management, a course which helped him sharpen his management skills. The knowledge he acquired from the two institutions makes him the most sort after manager and director of many companies.

Career History

Felipe Montoro Jens has focused his career in involving in major infrastructure development companies both in S. America and Africa. His hard work has paid as the regions have realized recognizable leap in growth. Mr. Felipe directs his focus in undertaking sustainable projects with his major responsibility being in funding of hydro-electric power projects according to odebrecht.com.

Being a venture capitalist, Felipe Montoro Jens has a strong network with prominent international entrepreneurs and investors who help him in achieving his development goals. Currently, Mr. Felipe serves as an executive for several companies AC Energia SA, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 3 SA, Concessionaria Travase, and Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA.

Additionally, Felipe Montoro Jens serves as the chairman of Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobilarios on checkdirector.co.uk and as the managing director of San Antonio Energia SA and Foz do Brasil SA. Other companies including Maranon Energia SA and Peru Inversiones En Infraestructura SA have hired Mr. Felipe as a professional .

In 2011 world economic forum about Latin America, Felipe Montero Jens was one of the speakers. The conference was attended by countries that were ready for the global economic growth and willing to engage in international matters.

Doing Great Things – Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that leads the public safety field because of the fantastic work that they do. They have continually made inroads in the field because of their dedication to the work that they perform. Their latest endeavor was creating a technology called the Wireless Containment Solution. Other companies tried to create something similar to no avail, which makes Securus Technologies the only company that can complete such high level jobs.


With the Wireless Containment Solution, correction facilities are able to stop crimes before they even get started. This is because many of the inmates use cell phones and devices to contact outsiders to help them carry out criminal activity. The Wireless Containment Solution is helping to stop this completely. Securus Technologies is pleased that the technology is such a success in the facilities, and they are creating even more ways to stop crime in them and in the public. Their knowledge and expertise is exceptional, and they will continue to lead the public safety sector because of their ingenuity and ability to create new ways to keep everyone safer in the country and the world.


The company is interested in having the public come to their Dallas, TX in order to see what they are working on now. They also want them to know how important these new developments are to the country and to the world. The company has set up a presentation and tour for the people to go on, and they will be able to ask questions that they might about the company or the technologies that are being created.


Securus Technologies works in both the civil and criminal sides of the justice system. They are experienced professionals that can perform duties that other companies cannot. The government uses them on a regular basis to help in their correctional facilities. Since they deal with a million inmates, they know what is needed in the facilities. They use monitoring, interviewing and videotaping to stop crimes and conflicts from occurring in them. In the future, they will continue to create new technologies for the safety field on a weekly basis.


Norman J. Pattiz’s Work Experience

Born in 1943, Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting entrepreneur residing in both Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, California. He is the founder of Westwood One, a radio network company that was named the largest and one of the leading media companies in the world. During Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s time as Presidents, Norman was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The board was in charge of overseeing all the US broadcasting services such as the Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, The Voice of America, among others. He also chaired BBG’s Middle East Committee to create Arabic-language radio and TV services broadcast to 22 Middle East countries. Some of those include Radio Sawa, the BBG’s music, news and information radio network, and Alhurra Television sponsored by the US Government.


With his expertise, Norman Pattiz received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. Norman also chairs the Board of Governors of Los Alamos National Security, LLC. And Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. Operational in their respective laboratories. In his family he is not the only one involved in broadcasting, his wife Mary Turner is a former radio personality and also chairs the board of Betty Ford Center. Before becoming a radio personality, Norman was a reserve deputy in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and also a member of the Region 1 Homeland Security Advisory Council. Norman has also served as a Regent of the University of California and a board member of The Regent of Energy Laboratories.


Founding and being executive chairman of PodcastOne with some help from Kit Gray, Norman has over 40 years of experience in radio syndication producing news, sports, entertainment, talk, and programming for the industry. He attributes his knowledge to his heroes Bill Paley, Steve Ross, and his first media sales boss Dan Miller and he believes that to grow your business you should stay busy by waking up early in the morning and sleeping late. An entrepreneur should always remain engaged and excited. He terms implementation of ideas as being everything you ever need because they come in every day from different people and believes in being involved in every aspect of the way. He gets most of the information from his assistant, be it in sales, talent acquisition or in technology. Norman believes in himself as an entrepreneur because he never regrets his decisions and had never had a bad job in his career life.

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Todd Lubar Helps Others With Finances

Personal finance is a tough subject for many people to master. There are so many big terms that get thrown around, a lot of people struggle to truly figure out how to add value to this area of their life. If you need some help with your personal financial situation, Todd Lubar may be the person to go to. He has a track record of success in helping people get to the next level. Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of others. There are a lot of people who look up to him for a variety of reasons. Not only does he want to invest with them for the future, but he also wants to figure out a way to make everyone’s overall life better. A personal financial plan is just one part of a balanced life that everyone needs to lead.

Todd Lubar

From the time he started in the industry, Todd Lubar has worked with passion to add value to his clients. Over the years, he has proven to have the best interests of clients in mind when he works with them. If you want to excel in any area of your life, Todd Lubar is the person that you should work with. A lot of people today are excited about what he can bring to the table. Not only that, but he also wants to help you in a variety of ways with your finances. A lot of people can have financial success if they just change a couple of things around in their life. If you can get rid of bad debt and start investing for the future, you can have financial success.

Growth Plans

There are many people who are starting to see the value of working with Todd Lubar in a number of areas. Not only does he truly care about the people he is interacting with, but he has a track record of success in helping people get out of bad financial situations. A lot of people today look up to the hard work that he has put into his area. If you can have success at a high level, you can make an impact on others in life. Set an appointment, visit toddlubar.com.

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The Extraordinary Career of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider, the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital. He is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His company, Ascendant Capital, LLC offers exceptional services such as sales, financial structuring, operational services, education and marketing. The company is an excellent alternative fundraiser for both emerging and established sponsors. Many businesses such as broker-dealers, family offices, registered investment advisors and private banks work with Ascendant.

Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, the company has grown substantially within the past five years. It started with only three employees, but today, the firm boasts of offering employment to more than 50. With the services of Ascendant, many businesses earn billions of dollars. Some of these firms deal with investment advisors, broker-dealers, and family offices.

The money that Jeffry’s firm receives is used to purchase different businesses like tech companies, auto dealership, real estates and others. To Jeffry, his mission is to ensure that his firm makes $50 million monthly.

Alternative investments have many opportunities, but low volatility. This is what inspired the company to grow fast within five years in operation. The success of Jeffry’s company relies on the culture of trust. Ascendant’s atmosphere creates trust between people and open dialogue for problem-solving. Interests of investors are the prime responsibility of the capital firm.

Jeffry Schneider loves fitness and engages in many healthy habits to keep fit. He educates others on problems related to the American diet. The fitness and health tips he gives on his blogs, depict him as a person who lives by his word. Jeffry participates in many events such as the Ironman Marathon. He  also writes opinion articles on various topics like parenthood and business, among many others.

Before founding his company Jeffry worked in different organizations like Paradigm Global Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Axiom Capital Management. Jeffry is a passionate person and loves exploring the world. Some of the places he has visited include Europe, South America, and Asia. Rural Hungary and Thailand are two of his favorite countries.

Schneider is a well-known philanthropist and works with many organizations in charity events. These groups include Wonder Worries, The Gazelle Foundation, God’s Love We Deliver and Cherokee Home for Children among others.

Contrary to many wealthy executives, Jeffry Schneider is committed to helping people. He demonstrates his giving heart while handling his businesses. Employees describe him as a very open-minded person eager to help and give advice.

Butterfield & Shore Custom Homes has worked with Jeffry Schneider and regarded him as a person who consistently sets expectations he exceeds. He is trustworthy and respectable. Aspyr Media Inc. has worked with the Capital firm for three years in both corporate consulting and residential real estate development. They have received high returns when business together. The Homes Company considers Schneider as a fair executive who loves cultivating a good relationship with partner companies.

Thank You Securus Technologies For Your Help

I had to write you, Securus Technologies, and thank you personally for your help. Because of your program, my son was reprimanded for selling used cell phones. I am so glad all of his cell phones were confiscated. I was not aware that he even had those things in there with him. I have no idea how he got them past the guards and all of the security in the jail. I have not encouraged my son in this type of behavior. I am truly ashamed of his actions. Growing up without a father was pretty hard on him. I know you have heard this same story a million times before. But it is really true in my case. I did the best I could in raising him to be a proper and thoughtful child. As he became a young man, he made choices that were not beneficial to his well-being. And as he grew older, those choices structured his life. I am glad he is in a place where he can be primarily influenced by men who are helping him to rehabilitate. That is why your program is so helpful. Securus Technologies, you have thought of all the youthful, foolish tricks young men enter jail with. And you catch them every time. Securus Technologies, you continue to support the conviction to just follow the rules given to you and live a simple life. Some people have to learn that principle the hard way. They keep trying to be slick. Unfortunately, my son is one of those people at this point in his life. Because Securus Technologies caught him on the phones, trying to sell more phones, he is slowing down with the trickery. For that I am grateful. Hopefully, this will be a serious wake-up call. Thank you again Securus Technologies.


Sam Tabar Adds To His List of Career Highlights

Sam Tabar carries many extraordinary accomplishments including becoming the COO of FullCycle FundCompany whose mission it is to develop a partnership with waste by recycling fuel to power the world’s communities. His interest and concern with our environment is only one of this man’s passionate entrepreneurial endeavors. As CFO of Awearable Apparel, a manufacturer of children’s apparel which has built in devices to alert caregivers and parents if a child wanders off, is further evidence of his deep concern for two of our most precious commodities.

With only these two endeavors mentioned, this truly shows the compassionate heart of this man who is driven in the right directions. This motivated man is also considered an entrepreneur, however, it far exceeds others who attempt to make the same impact. If asked to choose his most meaningful accomplishment, it is a question I could not answer, as each is astoundingly imperative to change in our world today.

Taking a glance over his social media, one instantly feels the warmth he pours into his business dealings, as well as his personal life. Sam Tabar is a well-rounded individual proven by his posts and pictures showing love for his family, and is not afraid to post his beliefs. We also find how important it is to this man to keep business endeavors and colleagues surrounded by the picturesque views of his New York environment. His passion to change lives and help others is also quite evident given his tweets, offering people a chance all around the world to use his strategies and expertise.

I do believe I could write about this man on a regular basis, just as he has become a regular contributor to the well-known Huffington Post, who also recognizes his intelligence, his positivity, and his desire to put change into action, just as I have.

Why is WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Unique?

Chaz Dean is the founder of WEN By Chaz hair products. His love for haircare and cosmetology started when he took photography courses. Shortly after, Chaz decided to enroll in cosmetology school. He quickly learned that his passions in the hair industry were cutting and coloring. He was soon hired as a stylist for a high end salon in Bel Air, where he later became manager and then owner. He constantly gained more clients, each more famous than the last. After several years of ownership in Bel Air, he opened his own salon called The Chaz Dean Salon, and moved his business to Hollywood.

WEN is most famous for its no-lather conditioner/shampoo combo. This conditioner also takes the place of your regular conditioner, leave in conditioner, and detangler. The most unique characteristic is that it is no lather. This means that it does not foam up, and make bubbles like most shampoo on the market. Contrary to popular belief, the large amount of foam in shampoo is not actually what does the cleaning. This can sometimes even cause damage to hair. The WEN cleansing conditioner, however, does not lather, which means that the hair is not stripped of its natural oils, and does not leave any excess bad oils on the hair. When the hair is stopped of natural oils, it can over-compensate, which will make the hair feel and appear greasy. On the other hand, some shampoos don’t strip hair of oils, but add more to it, which will also make it greasy. However, the WEN cleansing conditioner does not do either of these things.

Another reason why WEN is unique from other products is because the active ingredients are natural, and the conditioner has no harsh chemicals that will damage hair. Some of the active ingredients include glycerin, wild cherry bark, and chamomile extract. These are the ingredients that help soften, moisturize and create more manageable hair.

While some people believe that they need to use the kind of shampoo and conditioner that foams and has fake scents to it to get clean hair, the people that use WEN by Chaz are the ones with hair that is really clean. Its no lather, natural ingredients make the WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner one of the best hair care products on the market.

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São Paulo Has Its Own Version Of Donald Trump

São Paulo is Brazil’s largest city. The city is a melting pot of poverty, crime, business ventures, and amazing opportunities. Brazil got a wake-up call recently, when João Doria, was elected mayor of São Paulo. The news was especially important to Flavio Maluf, the entrepreneur that runs one of Brazil’s major manufacturing companies. Doria is a bigger than life multi-millionaire. He’s a luxury lifestyle kind of guy just like Donald Trump. He gets around the city by helicopter, and he drives expensive German cars. But when he took office, he stopped elected officials from traveling by motorcade, and he took away the luxury cars that São Paulo officials used every day.

Fifty-eight-year-old Doria made his fortune in Brazil’s communication business.  Maluf is one of the most successful business people in the state of São Paulo. Maluf’s company, Eucatex, plays a major role in São Paulo’s economy and in the economy of Brazil. Eucatex produces building materials for the domestic and the international market.

Learn about the investment growth here: https://noticias.terra.com.br/dino/flavio-maluf-noticia-sobre-o-crescimento-na-intencao-de-investimentos-na-industria,960376ce18d5ceac6f863f59c68de67fz0mt7jf3.html

The rise of Eucatex as a premier Brazilian company is no surprise. Flavio Maluf took over as president in 1997, and for the last 20 years, he has been reinventing the way his company does business. Maluf is all about respecting the environment. All Eucatex factories use natural energy sources, and the international offices have a strict recycling program in place. Maluf is asked to speak about clean air initiatives and other environmental issues, because of the success Eucatex has had changing from a fossil fuel user to a natural energy proponent.

There’s no doubt that Brazil is moving in the right direction in terms of economic reform, political stability, and other important issues. Flavio Maluf is playing an important role in Brazil’s economic reform by promoting 21st-century concepts and reforms. Eucatex continues to export its branded products around the world, and Flavio continues to set an example for Brazilian businesses.

Benefits of Comparative law

Comparative law is the study of different legal systems of more than one system. More to the point, it is a method of comparing legal structures, and that comparison yields results relating to the varied legal cultures being evaluated. The method plays a role in understanding foreign legal systems. In the era of globalization and complexity of international rules, comparative law plays a role in harmonization and unification of international laws, thereby resulting to better international cooperation.


The origin of comparative law dates back to the 18th century, although legal scholars practiced comparative methodologies prior to that. Montesquieu is praised as an early founder of comparative legal system.

Sir Henry Maine is the founder of the modern comparative law. Sir Henry Maine is a great legal historian and a jurist. In his works, he sets out his views on the development of legal systems in primitive communities and engage in discussions of Western and Eastern legal traditions.


Comparative law is a discipline that entails the analysis of legal systems, including how they differ, their constitutive elements, and how they combine into one system. Numerous branches of comparative law have developed separately, these are:

Comparative constitutional lawComparative civil lawComparative commercial lawComparative administrative lawThe purposes of comparative law are:

To streamline legal system in effectAttain deeper knowledge of existing legal systemsTo contribute to unification of legal systemsAbout Sujit Choudhry

  • To streamline legal system in effect
  • Attain deeper knowledge of existing legal systems
  • To contribute to unification of legal systems

Sujit Choudhry, is an internationally recognized authority who combines a wide-range of agenda and research in constitutional comparative law. With in-depth experience in constitution building processes in Jordan, Nepal, Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, Sujit Choudhry has gained unmatched recognition.

Professor Choudhry’s works address a wide variety of issues in constitutional law, entailing constitutional design as a platform of managing the transition from conflict to democratic politics. Professor Sujit Choudhry also focus on federalism, semi-presidentialism and constitutional courts.

It partners with universities, multilateral organizations, NGOs, and think tanks.