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Meet the Great Founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management: Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is a renowned businessman across the entire globe. He is the founder and CEO of the capital management company called Kerrisdale Capital Management. Kerrisdale Capital Management was formed in 2009 with a primary objective on launching long-term value investments, and a key focus on different event-driven exceptional situations. This company is mainly oriented on Research ventures and majors in correcting the misconceptions regarding the over-hyped shorts not forgetting the longs which are closely followed in the current stock market.

The Career of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi has been significantly involved in the development process of Kerrisdale since its formation in 2009. Before starting the company, Sahm worked at Longacre fund Management as the chief investment analyst. Later he collaborated with Chanin Capital Partners to provide outstanding services to the clients.

Sahm’s Report regarding St. Joe Company

The negative report that was provided by Kerrisdale Capital Management under Sahm Adrangi regarding St. Joe Company reported on very critical issues. According to the report, the Holdings of St. Joe were undoubtedly overhyped and involved a significant percentage of the market valuation of the company.

Sahm Adrangi also said on the report that Fairholme Fund, the majority shareholder of the company, had to face several liquidity restrictions leading to the reduction of its stake in the firm. That would lead to increased risk because of the unexpected selling of its shares. Sahm Adrangi added that the company’s optimism made its objectives misplaced. He said that it was critical for the Bay-Wilton Sector Plan to remain stalled. Adrangi also noted that the commercial project revenues for the company were significantly immaterial.

In accordance with the New York report released on April 24th, 2018, Mr. Sahm published the comprehensive report explaining the current position of St. Joe Company in the industry. The Kerrisdale Capital Management Company opts to transform the desolated land at Panama City Beach with a key objective to attract world-class businesses and various retirees. Kerrisdale Company is one of the companies which are bringing significant changes in the investments industry and transforming the investments of other firms in the related industries.

National Steel Car Truly Exemplifies What A Successful North American Rail Car Manufacturer Should Be


For National Steel Car (NSC), having 100 years of success in the railcar manufacturing milieu helps to reinforce what success is really about. CEO and Chairman, Greg Aziz has turned NSC — thanks to his impressive management and tutelage — into a top railcar manufacturing firm. NSC has won a plethora of awards from peers and other entities regarding good safety records and in quality of their manufacturing.

Founded in Canada in 1912 as Imperial Steel Car, today, NSC focuses on the design, engineering and building aspects of gondola cars, railcars, boxcars, and other railway and transportation cars that are part of the North American system of rail commerce. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is where NSC’s headquarters currently are.

As for CEO, Greg Aziz, he is Canadian by birth. Born in London, Ontario, Greg Aziz was exposed to entrepreneurship and business success early in his life. Aziz was fortuitous to learn about the world of business while working for Affiliated Foods after his school day was completed. Greg was able to grow along with his family’s business, Affiliated Foods in the 1970s as it expanded to other countries outside of Canada. Indeed, Affiliated Foods built up its business and clientele by working with stakeholders from South America, Central America, Mexico, the U.S, and Europe. Click Here to learn more.

Greg Aziz’s family made a prudent decision to expand their business by focusing on clients outside of Canada to expand and grow. Over 16 plus years in the fresh food business, Affiliated Foods became a merchandiser, globally because of their thinking. Today, Greg Aziz has focused on expanding outside top Canada, much like Affiliated Foods did. Mr. Aziz and NSC have been able to procure clients in the U.S. and other countries who are interested in his high-quality steel cars, box cars, and other cars.

Regarding Greg Aziz’s educational background, Greg attended Ridley College and also received his degree from the University of Western Ontario in Economics. Before becoming the CEO of NSC, Aziz worked for a decade in New York in the financial sector. Dofasco, who Greg Aziz purchased NSC from in 1994 had initially acquired the railcar company in 1962.

As the CEO, Greg Aziz has made many significant changes — some including more focus on adopting state-of-the-art technologies, team-building as a culture and boosting the number of employees who have engineering backgrounds. NSC had 500 employees when Aziz purchased NSC but currently has 3,000.

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The Positive Stream Energy Policy

Amid summer of 2004, Stream Energy was established in Dallas, Texas. The organization has some expertise in private and additionally corporate administrations; managing electric and energy needs. Throughout the following decade the organization would develop and grow their activity into 7 unique states.

Stream Energy is likewise known for their stupendous generosity endeavors. At the point when a progression of sea tempests hit the Texas district, Stream Energy gave benefit continues to families who lost their homes. Notwithstanding their associations with these charitable associations, they have additionally settled their own special non benefit called Stream Cares. One of the program’s first gifts was paying for 1000 destitute kids’ entrance and sustenance for shield. Stream Energy has a previous notoriety and empathy to help other people whether it be through their business or philanthropy. They have demonstrated that they think about the network they serve. Whenever there is a debacle or an opportunity to help those in critical need, they help massively. Stream Energy thinks about helping other people as a piece of their DNA.

They have internet based social media sites that post rousing messages and in addition data taking into account their business. On their Twitter page they expound on their magnanimity endeavors and offer network individuals to help on the off chance that they please to. The philanthropic endeavors of Stream Energy goes back before they made it official with the name Stream Cares. The organization intends to promote it’s business astute and keep on expanding their assistance all through the humanitarian network. They reliably put others first and this has positioned them in the hearts of all whom they have encounters with.

Vinod Gupta: A Good Way To Spend Money

Vinod Gupta knows the value of a good education. As a native from a village that had no electricity, roads, running water or other modern amenities he did not receive a steady, stable education as he was growing up. It wasn’t until he went into the Indian Air Force that he got a real chance for a higher education.

Vinod received a B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering from I.I.T. in Kharagpur before coming to America. He went to Nebraska on travel money his family borrowed and got a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. He got a job in marketing at Commodore Corporation and was tasked with evaluating his competitors’ sales.

While he was working on this he found out how difficult it was to find accurate, up-to-date information. With no internet yet most of this information was transferred by mail, making it difficult to assemble in a timely fashion. Seeing the need for a central database, Vinod Gupta and his boss began working in their off-time to assemble this information from as many sources as possible. They ended up with an accurate and valuable list, which Commodore declined to buy. Marketing the list to the rest of their industry the two began making money. As the decades went by they expanded their industry focus and eventually built a company worth $680,000,000, which they sold for that amount in 2010.

Taking his money and reinvesting it in charitable education, Vinod has pledged his entire fortune to providing education to the under privileged, particularly women. He has donated millions through charities named after himself and his son to improving the quality and access to education in American and India. He specifically started a school in his home town, covering the costs of everything from classrooms to textbooks to transportation. See This Article for more information.




Paul Herdsman: Entrepreneur And Business Model


Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. NICE Global is a business services provider with its central operations located in Jamaica. The company’s expertise lies in assisting in showing their clients how to maintain their customer base, reduce overhead expenses, and increase their profits, and add to their clients’ bottom line figures.

Paul Herdsman believes in the power of positive thinking. Paul believes in positive thinkers are better at problem-solving, have increased energy, and overall bounce back better from unexpected situations.

Herdsman is thankful for what he has accomplished each living day. By being grateful, Paul has no time to fill his head with negativity. Each day he begins and ends his day with five things he is thankful that he has in his life.

Paul Herdsman attributes himself as being successful, for him having a vision. Paul looks at his plans for the next ten to fifteen years. Even though Paul is actively involved in his business’s everyday operations, he still takes the time to look at why he started his company. With these reflections, Paul can honestly evaluate his business model and institute what changes needed to keep his business’s bottom line healthy.

Paul Herdsman believes his company is only as good as the team operating the business. Herdsman pays close attention in building his business’s teams with good character and valve. Paul hires a team with many skills his team can assist with all issues from several angles.

When you give your customers more than they expect, they will notice you and remember the customer service given. Also, giving the customer more than they expect creates positive word-of-mouth advertising for your company. Totally satisfied customers love to tell their friends when they have received great customer service.

Paul is even willing to share his Effective Business Tips, to established and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. And when Paul is not running his company, he enjoys a good weekend of golf and loves to fish in his spare time.

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The Fierce Determination Of Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the current President and CEO of the National Steel Car company that is based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz has been the chairman of this company for over three decades and began his service in 1994. The National Steel Car company is a company that specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of the best freight and tank cars that are provided for the North American railroad industry. This company has one of the best businessmen of our time as their Chairman. If that weren’t enough, the National Steel Car company has been around for over one hundred years.

The National Steel Car company has gained some of the most valuable experience that any company can have in the one hundred years of continuous and excellent production. This has served as one of their best attributes but not the best. Greg James Aziz makes sure to show gratitude for the main reason of the company’s success. This is none other than the employees of the National Steel Car company. The team is composed of over 2,000 of the most highly trained individuals to ever serve the railroad industry.

Greg Aziz is undoubtedly also one of the main reasons for the continuous success of one of the leaders in the railroad industry. However, Aziz still remembers to put the focus on the people that make this possible for him and his company. James Aziz recognizes the customers of the National Steel Car company as the best and most loyal customers that any company could ever hope to have. National Steel Car and its leader make sure to also include and never forget their suppliers. Their suppliers are some of the best people that any business man would ever want to make deals with.

The National Steel Car company is a company that is fearlessly led by the best possible candidate for the job. Greg James Aziz makes sure continue the implementation of the four principles that keep the National Steel Car company at the top of its game. James Aziz is immensely proud of what they have all achieved together.

The first of the four principles is to honor the traditions of their past. The second of the key principles is to move forward with determination. The third part of the success recipe is to always perform with a relentless focus on excellence and quality. Last but not least is to always lead.

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Paul Herdsman Initiative In Business Processing Outsourcing


Business processing Outsourcing is an initiative that helps propel very young and non-established career for the youth in Jamaica. It offers training, exposure, and technological industries. The program has provided not only opportunities for employment but also tremendous experience. This is the aim of a manager of a high-level class of jobs. Others have gone on to be ambitious in creating and running their business entities through the skills they attained while training in the business process outsourcing.


The initiative is a collaboration of two non-profitable companies. They include Heart Trust and Nice Global. Their main aim is to create employment as well as to empower the youth who are venturing into careers to propel ahead and grow as individuals. The Business Processing Outsourcing has impeccable advantages as it allows individuals or companies to earn an income for their projects. More importantly, firms gain hands-on experience through the unlimited time spent on training.


NICE Global, led by Paul Herdsman focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. NICE is part of an all-star team dedicated to ensuring that its clients are monetizing their online traffic and getting the highest return on their marketing spend. Whereas, Heart Trust is the facilitating and coordinating body for workforce development in Jamaica. It provides access to training, competence assessment and certification to all working age Jamaicans and offer career development and employment facilitation services island-wide.


Unlike the normal academic where one is required to attend class, the project offers real-life situation experiences and lesson. Business Processing Outsourcing training tends to qualify an individual to successful job interviews because of the dynamic skills acquired. Such capabilities include the ability to manage simple tasks in a new job environment. In this case, individuals who have obtained training in business process outsourcing are in high demand for promotions and better paying job opportunities. This is as a result of the skills they have gained during this training.


Most individuals like Akeem and Kirk mentioned by Paul Herdsman have genuinely grown in their careers from a low level to managerial and executive positions. In conclusion, a majority of the youth entered business process outsourcing due to the different life challenges they faced. This gave the need to make their lives better through career growth.


“The partnership between NICE Global and HEART Trust has been invaluable to us as a company. Our graduates are smart, dedicated, passionate, and full of energy, we are lucky to have them,” said Paul Herdsman, Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global. Refer to This Article to learn more.



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Mike Baur Talks About Three Ingredients For Successful Startups

Mike Baur is the founder and Chairman of a company that can take entrepreneurs’ ideas and turn them into working companies within a short period of time. The way this works is by creating a network of investors who are interested in these entrepreneurs’ companies and connecting the entrepreneurs to those clients. If the business ideas can survive a three-month test at Baur’s company, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF), they will get the funding they need. Baur has three ingredients he believes are needed to turn these startups into successful companies.


First, Mike Baur says entrepreneurs need to be willing to make everything happen. Nothing ever happens by chance when building a business and it’s up to you to make sure you have a real plan to beat your competitors. Second, Baur says every business founder needs to have a plan to change and adapt because things will always be changing amidst the technology revolution. And finally, all businesses that grow must be willing to take risks along the way. Baur has certainly seen this as a change in thinking from the old Swiss way of being risk averse.


Mike Baur remembers how it was before the technology revolution took off and Switzerland was a country built heavily on its banks. Baur at one time sought to be one of those bankers when he enrolled as a 16-year old apprentice at UBS Bank back in 1991 and was told how he could move up the ladder until he reached retirement. He was a brilliant young man who was already managing client investments by the time he reached his 20s and received several commendations from UBS’s Board of Directors. In 2008 not long before the recession hit, Baur became head of the commercial banking division at Clariden Leu and everything seemed to be going just as he had planned. But after the recession, Baur saw how banking was changing and not for the better, so in 2014 he left it and decided to pursue his own ideas.


Mike Baur became good friends with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer who had also decided to leave banking and go elsewhere after the recession, and they decided they could invest in new businesses if they had the right structure to accelerate them. The SSUF was launched near the end of 2014 and has become a partner company with CTI and Fintech Fusion. Baur has also traveled around to various universities introducing his company and hosting seminars with incentives for students to pitch their ideas to investors.

The Railway Intersection

Where The Northern Nations Collide

The transportation devices of the world consist of three primary sources that we use in large industry. Large industry can be defined as the industrial structures we use to operate and build modern society with. None of the transportation options we have today are readily seen by the naked eye. These components are, nevertheless, leading the industrial work we achieve.

National Steel Car is a prominent name within forming industrial needs that we have as a modern society. These needs are expanding and suggest that more growth is to come. The role National Steel Car plays in this relates to the locomotive industry. The more weight that can be moved across the U.S. and Canadian nations, the more industrial business there is.

The Needs Of International Business

International business is important for every standing government today. The ability to extend your products and services to other parts of the world is an ability that will make for a stronger local economy. The economic place of Canada and the United States makes the prospects of more business a large potential for world commerce.

This potential is supported by the effectiveness of the railway system. No plane or ship can constantly turn-out as many tons of resources and products as can the locomotive system. This means that the entire world of industry must rely on a suitable component. That suitability is often found in the massive capacity of rail cars. See Related Link for more information.

How Greg Aziz Enables Nations To Combine

Rail cars are the locomotive cars that pull and tug at millions of tons of materials and without missing a beat in the process. National Steel Car works to provide the world with the best innovation in steel-car manufacturing. This work is being led by James Aziz and what he can accomplish as the agency’s CEO, president and chairman.

James Aziz got a hold of National Steel Car at a time when his life was free. This was when the advancements of National Steel Car were also inevitable. Some things in life are about timing, speed and accuracy, and the components that came together to make a successful deal were found the moment Greg went “all in” with National Steel Car.

History was made, and a lot of money was also.


Helping the Wilting Flower, National Steel Car: Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz has made it clear that his management style and ability to read businesses and business environments is far above his peers. Throughout his career, he has been able to take a failing business in an industry that is not as profitable as others and create an international company that no longer seems capable of failing. Gregory J. Aziz is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Board for National Steel Car, a rolling stock manufacturer for railroads located in Hamilton, Ontario. When Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994, the company was in disarray. In just a few short years, Aziz was able to make this company as strong as it was in the heyday of railroading.


National Steel Car was founded in 1912 when railroads were the prime method of transporting goods for long distances. The Company was able to go through several recessions and the Great Depression with only a few years of strife. The Company was, for all intents and purposes, a powerhouse in Ontario. There were contracts with every major railroad in the region and employees were happy. However, when the trucking business started to take off in the 1970s, National Steel Car hit a rut. The owners started to tighten their purse strings and stopped putting capital into the business. NSC was sold and re-sold to different owners, each time creating their own business strategy. Read This Article for additional information.


Greg Aziz came in at just the right time. When Aziz took over, the management team had no clear direction. Decades of differing expectations from ownership left them unable to act for themselves, and the lack of capital expenditure left the plant old and almost obsolete. Aziz first flushed massive amounts of cash into the plant and bought new machinery and equipment. James Aziz created a new business strategy based on his knowledge of the industry, making quality railcars the priority, not just low-cost ones. He added new production lines that were demanded by customers, and he increased the plant’s capacity by over 300 percent in just a few short years.

Now National Steel Car is stronger than ever. The Company posts profits every quarter, and they have expanded their reach all across North America. They continue to service all of the major railroads and now boast a labor force of over 3,000. Greg Aziz knew what he was doing when he purchased this failing company in 1994, and it just goes to show that sometimes all you have to do to help a wilting flower is to give it the right kind of love and a little bit of water instead of just throwing it away.