New Way of eTailing: Fabletics on CNBC

Those brands that fail to innovate will be left behind. This is a simple maxim of business. Learn how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics “Reverse Showroom” strategy may become the industry standard.


New Way of Etailing


“Cannibalism” is not only what zombies do to the dead in “Walking Dead,” but it is also how great brands destroy themselves. If a clothing line sells a brand new skirt, will that skirt steal sales from its old skirt line? The best plan is to add skirts, which will be upgrades. They will attract new customers.


The challenge of running a brick-and-mortar retail storefront is that people will view your inventory there and ignore your online selections. In order to prevent the cannibalism of the Fabletics brand, the company has used the “Reverse Showroom” technique. First, the Fabletics customers become members. Then, they are directed to the nearest showroom.


What are the advantages of the Reverse Showroom approach?


With this system, customers commit themselves to becoming members of the club. It is also similar to dealing with the “Free Rider” problem. Sign up the individuals, so they have “skin in the game.” This has made Fabletics #1 in the industry.


Bold & Beautiful


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics goes “above and beyond” other brands in the “Athleisure” industry. Her brand wants to make women feel truly special, like club members. They can take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is best for them.


This is another key feature of Fabletics – it is customized and individualized to each member’s real life. These are not clothes made for mannequins. These are Fabletics made for real life women with real life curves and real life needs.


Kate’s Celebrity Cache


Due to having such a popular celebrity, Kate Hudson, running Fabletics, the brand can always be assured of being in the limelight. Kate is always on top of the latest Hollywood trends. She can share her observations and runs special events for all members. Customers love to hob-nob with the bold and the beautiful.


If you want to trust in an industry leader, then Fabletics is the brand for you. This “Athleisure” brand treats you like a Queen. It gives you the ability to customize your wardrobe. You can go to great member events. Trust the winning brand that is taking the industry to new heights. The new way of eTailing is spelled: F-A-B-L-E-T-I-C-S.