George Soros is not a Liberal Monster

People tend to vilify individuals that they cannot control. This is true for the average person that has to deal with troublesome people in their lives. It is also true for political and social organizations that must deal with people that oppose their agenda. Many conservative organizations and leaders are doing this very thing to George Soros. They know that he is a very firm believer in democracy and open societies. These two ideologies are the primary reasons why he supports liberal causes. This in turns enrages and frustrates the conservatives. They know that his staggering amount of wealth allows him to do so much for the liberal agenda.

George Soros is an astute businessman who had managed to make billions of dollars throughout his long and successful investing career. After Soros amassed his fortune he eventually turned his attention to the world of politics. It was in this world where he would make his biggest contributions to all of humanity.

Soros is a firm believer in open societies. While he is not a politician by trade he certainly interacts with the world from a political and social perspective. The billionaire magnet uses his vast finances to support thousands of liberal organizations all over the world. The reason he supports them is to keep tyrannous and traditional governments in check. Soros knows from first-hand experience how bad things can be for people when a dictator or corrupted political party is in control. He was a Jewish teenager living in Hungary when the Nazis dominated the country.

Conservatives are really fed up with this man. They believe that whatever liberal action takes place in the world, Soros is somehow connected to it. When a protest happens to stop a government action – George Soros somehow paid people to stage the protest.

When a NFL quarterback takes a knee during the national anthem to protest the treatment of black people – Soros somehow encouraged him to take this stance. Various governments around the world even believes that Soros is influencing some nations with his wealth to do his bidding. Soros just can’t get a break from conservative conspiracy theorists who love to discredit his name.

Soros is not phased. He does not care what the right thinks of him. He knows that the work he does is important. He also knows that he is being vilified because of the immense power and influence that he wields. If Soros is truly a monster, he is only being presented in this way to make the right feel like they can handle him. Outside of doing this, there is not a lot that right wing organizations and leaders can do to bring him down. Soros will not stop pushing the cause of democracy and helping societies to remain open. The world is truly full of monsters but George Soros is definitely not one of them. You can discover more about Soros and his efforts to help liberalism to flourish on the Foreign Policy Foreign Policy website.