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Securus Technologies Invests a Billion in Inmate Welfare Programs

The civil and criminal justice tech solutions provider of Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, has been working towards establishing better welfare for inmates for over five years now. The company has invested up to one billion dollars in the projects and is continuing to work towards their goals.


So far the Securus Technologies has invested a billion dollars in their work. The company wanted to optimize the video visitation options for people. Thus they acquired Primonics for $30 million so that they can establish better technology and services. In order to make it more affordable for families with lower incomes, Securus Technologies also dropped their rates for video visitations. That change saved their client a collective of nearly 300 M over the past five years.


Next, Securus Technologies committed to funding the Prison Entrepreneurship Program or PEPfor short. The company sponsored the PEP for five years which made grand changes to its operation and success rates. Securus Technologies did not only fund other programs and organization but also established one of their own. The Securus Foundation started operating recently in July 2017. It is a nonprofit organization which focuses on providing solutions for reducing recidivism and helps inmates to reenter society successfully.


In 2015, Securus Technologies also helped establish better education through the Lantern tech education platform. That and many other tools to provide better education to US prisons were received well by both the inmates and the prison officials.


These are only some of the examples of the projects that Securus Technologies has completed over the past handful of years n order to better the welfare of inmates across the United States. The Dallas-based firm has been coming out with newer and better civil and criminal justice solution, and reportedly has big plans for the upcoming year in terms of their products.



Securus Technologies – Modernizing the Correctional Sphere

There are many companies out there that are working hard to win the heart of its consumers in the prison area, but Securus Technologies has been winning the battle so far. The company has been making some very real advances in the sector, which has astonished not only the law enforcement agencies but also prisoners. Starting from the inmate communication services to the investigative solutions that Securus Technologies has been providing are ground breaking, and based on advanced and futuristic technology. It is equipping the law enforcement agencies with the technology that is making their task easier and also helping save lives of many officers in the front line.

Securus Technologies recently announced that is invested over $600 million into research and development as well as for patent acquisition, which signifies that the company is dedicated to retaining its position at the top in the correctional sphere. In the last few years, many new companies have surfaced in the industry, but Securus Technologies has been consistent in delivering services to its audience and has managed to get rave reviews despite tough competition. Securus Technologies has a very simple strategy of providing high-quality services to the customers at an economical price backed by excellent customer service, and leave the rest to the customers’ judgment. It is a policy that has worked for the company as the inmates, as well as the law enforcement officers, is full of praises for Securus Technologies.

Many of the law enforcement officers even write to the company on a regular basis to showcase their appreciation. Many of these letters were recently published online by Securus Technologies in parts. It helped the company to share with the world what the law enforcement officers feel about the company’s contribution to the sector. Even I wrote to the company to share my appreciation, and I am glad that such a company that is dedicated to modernizing the correctional sphere exists.

Doing Great Things – Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that leads the public safety field because of the fantastic work that they do. They have continually made inroads in the field because of their dedication to the work that they perform. Their latest endeavor was creating a technology called the Wireless Containment Solution. Other companies tried to create something similar to no avail, which makes Securus Technologies the only company that can complete such high level jobs.


With the Wireless Containment Solution, correction facilities are able to stop crimes before they even get started. This is because many of the inmates use cell phones and devices to contact outsiders to help them carry out criminal activity. The Wireless Containment Solution is helping to stop this completely. Securus Technologies is pleased that the technology is such a success in the facilities, and they are creating even more ways to stop crime in them and in the public. Their knowledge and expertise is exceptional, and they will continue to lead the public safety sector because of their ingenuity and ability to create new ways to keep everyone safer in the country and the world.


The company is interested in having the public come to their Dallas, TX in order to see what they are working on now. They also want them to know how important these new developments are to the country and to the world. The company has set up a presentation and tour for the people to go on, and they will be able to ask questions that they might about the company or the technologies that are being created.


Securus Technologies works in both the civil and criminal sides of the justice system. They are experienced professionals that can perform duties that other companies cannot. The government uses them on a regular basis to help in their correctional facilities. Since they deal with a million inmates, they know what is needed in the facilities. They use monitoring, interviewing and videotaping to stop crimes and conflicts from occurring in them. In the future, they will continue to create new technologies for the safety field on a weekly basis.


Thank You Securus Technologies For Your Help

I had to write you, Securus Technologies, and thank you personally for your help. Because of your program, my son was reprimanded for selling used cell phones. I am so glad all of his cell phones were confiscated. I was not aware that he even had those things in there with him. I have no idea how he got them past the guards and all of the security in the jail. I have not encouraged my son in this type of behavior. I am truly ashamed of his actions. Growing up without a father was pretty hard on him. I know you have heard this same story a million times before. But it is really true in my case. I did the best I could in raising him to be a proper and thoughtful child. As he became a young man, he made choices that were not beneficial to his well-being. And as he grew older, those choices structured his life. I am glad he is in a place where he can be primarily influenced by men who are helping him to rehabilitate. That is why your program is so helpful. Securus Technologies, you have thought of all the youthful, foolish tricks young men enter jail with. And you catch them every time. Securus Technologies, you continue to support the conviction to just follow the rules given to you and live a simple life. Some people have to learn that principle the hard way. They keep trying to be slick. Unfortunately, my son is one of those people at this point in his life. Because Securus Technologies caught him on the phones, trying to sell more phones, he is slowing down with the trickery. For that I am grateful. Hopefully, this will be a serious wake-up call. Thank you again Securus Technologies.


I See Securus Making A Better Holiday Season

I am not currently a customer with Securus, but I am a concerned citizen who has friends with needs only Securus may fill. We are a family that welcomes others to our home for the holiday season, and I wish every visitor to my home the finest of holiday season. This article explains how I see Securus changing the scope of our holiday season.


#1: We Host Visitors Every Year


We host visitors who are missing family in jail every holiday, but we are losing visitors now that Securus is in operation. Securus advertises a beautiful program that allows a video call during the holidays. I see families in many home that miss someone special, and they may speak over a video call with a loved one they miss using Securus.


#2: I Have Seen The Calls Take Place


We do not pass judgment at times like this because we are not in the business of forcing our values on another. We are only concerned with the hearts of those who enter our home. We understand their hearts are in turmoil over a loved one who is not with them, and we accept all families who bring Securus to the table.


#3: The Video Calls Make Me Feel Warm Inside


I feel a warmth and gladness when I see a video call begin through Securus. We are quite fortunate in that we have never been through such an ordeal, and we are learning how other families must cope with the strain of a prison sentence. We welcome them to our home with the understanding they wish to see someone special to them if only through a video call.

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I would use Securus given the opportunity, but I have been blessed with a family that sits around the table at the holidays. Securus offers its own blessing to those not as fortunate as I.