Christopher Linkas Provides Exceptional Advice Regarding Saving For Retirement

Saving for retirement is important, especially for individuals over thirty. It is critical to began as early as possible. Christopher Linkas is an expert in the field and believes the young can accomplish a lot towards their retirement.


Pu5tting aside money at a young age can be difficult. Christopher Linkas explains discipline now will pay off. Being proactive also helps individuals become disciplined regarding finances and provides additional financial stability. When a person saves for retirement earlier then a more secure retirement is established.


Christopher Linkas has a lot of experience in the investment sector. He knows higher yields come with volatility. A larger payoff results from a higher risk. The older generation does not have time to take steep risks. Only educated risks with the assistance of an investment advisor should be attempted.


Many young people spend their extra earnings on pointless or large purchases. This generally results in living for each paycheck. Discipline is learned by putting money away for retirement. This places an emphasis on value and enables the person to purchase these items later. Christopher Linkas has survived some tough financial times. This discipline has worked extremely well for him as time passes.


It is necessary to establish a goal for investing for retirement while still young. It must be understood putting money into a 401(k) is much more important than any impulse purchase. This will also provide individuals with more inspiration from successful investment entrepreneurs such as Christopher Linkas. Once he earned his degree he immediately began working as an asset manager and an analyst. Within 18 months after going back to RER Financial Group he achieved a book balance exceeding $4 billion.


Compound interest has the power to increase a retirement savings. It is incredibly important to start young because this requires a good deal of time. Christopher Linkas is currently serving an investment firm based in the United Kingdom as the Head of European Credit and the Managing Director. This is why he no longer works in an advisory capacity. When he is asked for advice he replies that individuals must begin saving for retirement while still young so compound interest has enough time to make a major difference.