Glen Wakeman n the Power of Visualization

Among many professional titles, Mr. Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Nova Four. Mr. Glen Wakeman has spent more than 20 years developing his skills with management while with GE Capital, where he occupied a number of different leadership positions involved with operations management, general management, and business development. That has given Mr. Glen Wakeman a solid grasp how to manage, improve and grow a business. Aiding with the growth and development of various companies is precisely the goal of Nova Four, one of the companies Mr. Glen Wakeup has taken part in founding, and the company he is directing as its Public Company CEO.


Mr. Glen Wakeman is a passionate company leader who places a high value on employee and company agility, something he strives to improve by applying management methodologies that found to be proven effective during the many years of his career when he was occupying a multitude of management roles. There are five critical aspects of running and growing a successful business that Mr. Glen Wakeman uses as guidelines when deciding what, as a company leader, to focus on. Those pillars are leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.


If you were to ask Mr. Glen Wakeman about turning dreams into reality, one of the first pieces of advice he would give you would e to explain your ideas and hopes and paint a picture with your words about how you would get from a mere concept to an executed plan. In order to bring his own idea to life, Mr. Glen Wakeman has had to convince business partners, investors, and other people that his vision was worth the time and resources. That requires that Mr. Glen Wakemna has a deep understanding of his own vision and sincerely believe it could succeed


Visualization has been one of the most useful assets for Mr. Glen Wakeman. He believes that visualizing the end goal and the path that would take him to it is critical to him bringing his ideas to life. LaunchPad Holdings is the embodiment of all that as he believes that every entrepreneur should have a powerful visualization tool.