I See Securus Making A Better Holiday Season

I am not currently a customer with Securus, but I am a concerned citizen who has friends with needs only Securus may fill. We are a family that welcomes others to our home for the holiday season, and I wish every visitor to my home the finest of holiday season. This article explains how I see Securus changing the scope of our holiday season.


#1: We Host Visitors Every Year


We host visitors who are missing family in jail every holiday, but we are losing visitors now that Securus is in operation. Securus advertises a beautiful program that allows a video call during the holidays. I see families in many home that miss someone special, and they may speak over a video call with a loved one they miss using Securus.


#2: I Have Seen The Calls Take Place


We do not pass judgment at times like this because we are not in the business of forcing our values on another. We are only concerned with the hearts of those who enter our home. We understand their hearts are in turmoil over a loved one who is not with them, and we accept all families who bring Securus to the table.


#3: The Video Calls Make Me Feel Warm Inside


I feel a warmth and gladness when I see a video call begin through Securus. We are quite fortunate in that we have never been through such an ordeal, and we are learning how other families must cope with the strain of a prison sentence. We welcome them to our home with the understanding they wish to see someone special to them if only through a video call.

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I would use Securus given the opportunity, but I have been blessed with a family that sits around the table at the holidays. Securus offers its own blessing to those not as fortunate as I.