James Aziz: The Rolling Stock Giant

If you love learning about the success story of famous people, then the name Gregory James Aziz is meaningful to you whereas if you are in the rolling stock and freight industry the name Gregory Aziz and National steel car ring a bell. As for those who are wondering Gregory Aziz is one of the most successful people in the industry and this article offers you all the info you need about the multifaceted man.

Born in London in 1949, Gregory James is what most of us will perceive as the epitome of success and right indeed he is. He started off small and today is the owner of the largest and also the leading rolling stock companies among many other businesses. Similar to many successful people, Gregory James Aziz started off by getting his educational skills in economics from the University of Western Ontario where he got a major in the same field.


After university, James Aziz did not just head out to look for a job among A-list companies; instead, Gregory James Aziz decided to sharpen his fresh skills in economics by working with his family business which by then was just a local business by the name Affiliated Foods. Here his skills proved to be quite fruitful because, by the time he left Affiliated Foods, it was not only on the national map but was known globally as a fresh food importer and distributor to wholesale markets across different markets of the western hemisphere such as Canada, Brazil, the United States among many others.

Instead of being comfortable and just wait to take over the business fully, Gregory James Aziz did the unthinkable by leaving and moving to New York. Here he was on his own and again had to start from scratch something which most of us would not dare do knowing the success we have back at home. Nonetheless, Greg Aziz is not most of us and thanks to his prowess in matters economy and finance, James got jobs with preeminent investment banks such as Deutsche. Here is where Mr. Aziz first encountered National steel car. Greg would help them out with major financial issues and thanks to that; he was taken to be part of the team

Nonetheless, it was not such a good time for the company because it was encountering financial problems something that saw it sold to Hamilton Corporation in 1994 which belonged to Gregory James Aziz. So automatically James went from being a senior staff member to the CEO and also the owner. He used his position and prowess to transform the company, and by the year 2000, Gregory had turned it into a fortune with a higher production capacity and also more staff members. Since then he has never looked back and continues to soar to higher levels with each dawn. Through his position in the society, he gives back to the community through employment and also by participation in charity events by offering donations. Click Here For Related Article.