Jeff Aronin Changed The Life Of People Who Suffer From Porphyria In A Big Way

Jeff Aronin knows that Desiree Lyon has had a difficult life full of long visits to hospitals where no positive progress was made with her rare disease. The disease that Desiree suffered from is called Porphyria, and the pain it causes is searing and incredibly intense. Desiree can remember at least 100 episodes of the disease that caused her to have to visit the hospital and stay in the intensive care section more than 30 separate times. If that isn’t bad enough, there were two distinctive times when the disease caused complete paralysis.


Jeff Aronin understands that the disease that Desiree Lyons suffered from is a mystery to many doctors, and part of what baffles them is the fact that people with the condition can seem completely fine one minute and then suffering with extreme symptoms the next. A very common kind of Porphyria makes the skin extremely fragile and causes blisters when a person is exposed to sunlight. The type of Porphyria that Lyons had is the kind that causes massive abdominal pain, and it attacks the nervous system until it causes a horrible array of side effects.


Jeff Aronin eventually came into Desiree Lyon’s life, and she knew from the start that he was a different kind of doctor who actually cared. Her money wasn’t his main focus, but, instead, he was a man on a mission to help reduce people’s suffering. Desiree, at the time, was the Executive Director of the the American Porphyria Foundation (APF), which is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and she decided to partner up with Jeff Aronin and his company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals.


Before this alliance, she was taking the drug Panhematin, and the drug was working. The problem is that the company that was making this drug decided to stop doing so because of internal issues. Desiree frantically worked to find new companies that would manufacture the drug but none could be found. When no one else would step up, Jeff Aronin did, and thanks to him, and his hard work, the drug is being researched, developed, and manufactured again so that people like Desiree Lyons can find some peace in life.