Jorge Moll Leads in Altruism Research

Jorge Moll heads the IDOR Institute of Research. A group of researchers at the institute, headed by Jorge Moll have discovered through the neuro-imaging of football fans that there is a neural explanation for the altruism witnessed among soccer fans. The researchers made use of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging to pinpoint the sections of the brain that are responsible for team altruism. The research was sponsored by the Jorge Moll run D’Or Institute For Research. (romaleke)


Why Soccer Fans are Crazy


Belonging to a group is noted by psychologists as one of the primary needs of humans. Indeed, it has also been noted as an important aspect of the evolution of the hominin. Studies have indicated that there is a tendency to want to favor members of our group as opposed to the rest. According to Jorge Moll, who is the lead scientist in the study, being attached to a cultural group is peculiar to humans. It is said to be an important aspect of the survival game. Therefore, investigating the neural basis for such behavior is important for a creature so highly developed in its intellectual capacity.


The Study


The study involved a group of 27 fans of teams based in Brazil for the research experiment. The supporters of the four leading teams in the city of Rio de Janeiro were made to decide whether they wanted to donate a given amount of money to anonymous fans of their choice, anonymous people who were not fans or to retain the money. The fMR machine captured their brain reactions in the process. The results showed, according to the lead researcher at the D’Or Institute, the soccer supporters are a typical natural group observed commonly around where we live and work. According to the results of the study, the orbitofrontal cortex, which is an area of the brain that is responsible for the subjective choice value indicated intense activity in all the sections.


Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll attended the Rio Federal University. He is an established neuroscientist who first studied general medicine. He has a Ph.D. in pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University. He is the brains behind the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Jorge Moll says that he loves neuroscience research because he believes it is a potent avenue that can be used to improve patient health.