Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Provides Counsel to Employers

Jeremy Goldstein has over 15 years experience as a business lawyer. He is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is a boutique law firm that provides the correct advice to its clients in the cooperate sector on the compensation issues. Jeremy founded the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC in 2014. He is a respected lawyer and has received a designation as the top executive compensation attorney in the legal 500.


Jeremy received education in multiple schools. He attended the Pingry School and then studied at the Cornell University for his degree in Art, history. He did his masters in history at the University of Chicago and later on, joined the New York University School of law for his Jury Diction degree. Even after finishing school, Jeremy still served as the member of the professional advisory board for the New York University Journal of law studies. He is a frequent speaker on corporate leadership and executive compensation issues.


Mr. Goldstein has worked for several international corporate transactions including the acquisition of the Goodrich and Verizon Wireless, the United Technologies, the acquisition of Alltel Corporation, Duke Energy, Bank of America Corporation/MBNA corporation and the Chevron Texaco Corporation/uncial corporation. He is the chairman of the mergers and acquisition subcommittee of the American association business law sections executive compensation committee. Jeremy is considerate and active member of his community. He is the director of a nonprofit organization, Fountain House. Fountain House foundation offers support to persons living with chronic mental illness. It helps by providing them with education, health wellness, accommodation and employment. The foundation reaches out to more than 1,300 people every year.


He recently shared his thoughts on knockout options for employers. Jeremy emphasized that the best solution to deal with the stock option barriers is the knockout options. The stock options have the same limits and vesting requirements, and employees may lose them if the shares value reaches a given amount. If a corporate stock is volatile, the knockout option will reduce the initial accounting cost because each option is valid for a very short period. The knockout mechanism often results to lower executive compensation figures yearly. This makes the company look better on shareholders. The knock out solutions offers employees a strong incentive to prevent the dropping of stock value. Jeremy Goldstein has explored the world of law very well and has helped out many employers across the nation. Learn more: