Perry Mandera and His Donations Towards the Citizens of Chicago


Perry Mandera is a well-recognized individual due to his support in charity organizations. Upon graduating from Chicago High School in 1975, Mr. Mandera joined the U.s Marine Corps Service. He worked for several years, and he gained skills and experiences about transportation. After being discharged from the U.S Marine Service, he was lucky enough to land a job in a transportation industry. Here, he was able to gain more skills and experiences. He later decided to start his transportation firm, but he sold it after three years.

Mr. Mandera once vied for a political seat and was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in the city of Chicago. He is referred to as the youngest individual to vie and win a city seat. He served from 1984 to 1988.

Overview of Custom Care Company

It is a transportation company that was started by Mr. Mandera in 1986. The firm was recently ranked among top 100 transportation firms in the millennium. Moreover, it was valued to have an annual income of $200 million. Custom Care Company contributes to the growth of the economy since it has employed many residents of Chicago.

Support for Charity Foundations and Donations

Perry is a recognized individual due to the donations he makes and support for charity organizations. He believes in giving back and supporting the aspirations of the unfortunate children and the youth of Chicago. Besides, he supports treatment programs that advocate for cancer and other chronic disease treatments. He provides sources of funding in more than five charity groups. Moreover, he sits in the board of directors of two charity groups but also contributes in other foundations.

Custom Care Charity Group

Mr. Mandera initiated custom Care Charity foundation. Apart from supporting other charities, he decided to start his own and named it after his transportation firm. The foundation believes in the philosophy of helping the youth until they realize their purpose. Due to this, the foundation group provides sponsorship and support for more than 100 youth football teams in Chicago. Moreover, it advocates for a clean environment by supporting such programs.

Glen Wakeman n the Power of Visualization

Among many professional titles, Mr. Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Nova Four. Mr. Glen Wakeman has spent more than 20 years developing his skills with management while with GE Capital, where he occupied a number of different leadership positions involved with operations management, general management, and business development. That has given Mr. Glen Wakeman a solid grasp how to manage, improve and grow a business. Aiding with the growth and development of various companies is precisely the goal of Nova Four, one of the companies Mr. Glen Wakeup has taken part in founding, and the company he is directing as its Public Company CEO.


Mr. Glen Wakeman is a passionate company leader who places a high value on employee and company agility, something he strives to improve by applying management methodologies that found to be proven effective during the many years of his career when he was occupying a multitude of management roles. There are five critical aspects of running and growing a successful business that Mr. Glen Wakeman uses as guidelines when deciding what, as a company leader, to focus on. Those pillars are leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.


If you were to ask Mr. Glen Wakeman about turning dreams into reality, one of the first pieces of advice he would give you would e to explain your ideas and hopes and paint a picture with your words about how you would get from a mere concept to an executed plan. In order to bring his own idea to life, Mr. Glen Wakeman has had to convince business partners, investors, and other people that his vision was worth the time and resources. That requires that Mr. Glen Wakemna has a deep understanding of his own vision and sincerely believe it could succeed


Visualization has been one of the most useful assets for Mr. Glen Wakeman. He believes that visualizing the end goal and the path that would take him to it is critical to him bringing his ideas to life. LaunchPad Holdings is the embodiment of all that as he believes that every entrepreneur should have a powerful visualization tool.

Scaling up With the IC System

Are you looking for an excellent accounts receivable management provider? IC System is one of the best service providers in the market, an institution that has thrived because of modern technology. The vibrant IC System, created in 1938, has withstood the test of time to become the powerhouse it is today.


Revenue collection, as it turns out, is a hard nut to crack. Companies leave alone national governments have failed in their mandate to collect revenue, not because they lacked the resources to do so but just that they did not consult IC System.


In short, IC System is the corporation you need to hire if you expect to receive revenue in full. The company, which operated in Minnesota and its environs, gets highly endorsed by more than five hundred businesses because of its exemplary performance.


Clients who get to benefit from IC System’s uniqueness include financial services, education, utilities, third-party collections, first-party call center solutions, dental, communications, healthcare, and telecommunications. The more than five hundred employees certainly know how to get the job done despite the significant clientele.


The corporation, thanks to its robust management structure, now operates in all the fifty states of the United States. Nationwide licensing also allows institutions in Guam and Puerto Rico to meet their financial needs. In essence, having a grasp on such a diverse geographical space gives IC System a competitive edge because the organization gets to collect the debt from people that have since relocated to new locations.


Recall, IC System is a technology-sensitive company. Therefore, the institution keeps updating its standards through its Compliance Risk Management System. The system, apart from facilitating audits, ensures that company employees receive training in good time.


I believe that without its values, IC System would never have become the titan it is today. The institution, from the very beginning, has treated people respectfully, made integrity its priority, performed and delivered results by fostering innovation. To say the least, it is these values that have molded IC System into the organization of choice for many. The corporation also engages in charity and philanthropic causes, all with the aim of helping make humanity better.

Jeff Aronin Changed The Life Of People Who Suffer From Porphyria In A Big Way

Jeff Aronin knows that Desiree Lyon has had a difficult life full of long visits to hospitals where no positive progress was made with her rare disease. The disease that Desiree suffered from is called Porphyria, and the pain it causes is searing and incredibly intense. Desiree can remember at least 100 episodes of the disease that caused her to have to visit the hospital and stay in the intensive care section more than 30 separate times. If that isn’t bad enough, there were two distinctive times when the disease caused complete paralysis.


Jeff Aronin understands that the disease that Desiree Lyons suffered from is a mystery to many doctors, and part of what baffles them is the fact that people with the condition can seem completely fine one minute and then suffering with extreme symptoms the next. A very common kind of Porphyria makes the skin extremely fragile and causes blisters when a person is exposed to sunlight. The type of Porphyria that Lyons had is the kind that causes massive abdominal pain, and it attacks the nervous system until it causes a horrible array of side effects.


Jeff Aronin eventually came into Desiree Lyon’s life, and she knew from the start that he was a different kind of doctor who actually cared. Her money wasn’t his main focus, but, instead, he was a man on a mission to help reduce people’s suffering. Desiree, at the time, was the Executive Director of the the American Porphyria Foundation (APF), which is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and she decided to partner up with Jeff Aronin and his company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals.


Before this alliance, she was taking the drug Panhematin, and the drug was working. The problem is that the company that was making this drug decided to stop doing so because of internal issues. Desiree frantically worked to find new companies that would manufacture the drug but none could be found. When no one else would step up, Jeff Aronin did, and thanks to him, and his hard work, the drug is being researched, developed, and manufactured again so that people like Desiree Lyons can find some peace in life.

In a Bold Move Telereal Trillium CEO Graham Edwards Becomes Chairman of the Company

A major shakeup happened at Telereal Trillium, which has one office in Nottingham. Graham Edwards, CEO, agreed to become the chairman. Graham Edwards became CEO in 2009. Prior to that, he held the same post in 2001. He is replacing the former chief executive Russal Gurnhill. He was also previously managing director.

Adam Dakin, who worked as joint managing director will replace Edwards as CEO. Gaeme Hunter job position will not change. Hunter will continue to be responsible for all property matters.

The Changes in the Company Had Been Planned for a While.

In a press release, Graham Edwards said the change in job positions had been planned for a while at the company. The changes, he called a restructuring, will assist in the changing demands and priorities of the company, said Edwards.

Graham Edwards Has Always had a Major Impact of the Company.

Graham Edwards positive impact on the company began in December 2001. He closed the deal to enter into a strategic partnership with BT and Telereal. The deal between the two companies was for 30 years. This allowed the Telereal to acquire more than 6,700 properties with about 59.2 million square feet of floor space.

Telereal Trillium has grown under Graham Edward’s stewardship. In 2009, Edwards negotiated a merger between Telereal and Trillium. The company completed its merger with Graham at the helm.

Graham Edwards has Worked Hard to Make this Company a Success.

He has a background in investing. Thus, it was easy for him to identify the value present in BT’s properties. In addition to his background investing, he is also a former student of economics. He attended Cambridge University. His extensive knowledge has helped him build his career and the company in a positive way. However, his work does not stop there. He also has a strong history of working with many forward-thinking people in the field of investment.

The future of Telereal Trillium is brighter than bright with Graham Edward as the new chairman. He has already worked hard to make the company as success.

Christopher Linkas Provides Exceptional Advice Regarding Saving For Retirement

Saving for retirement is important, especially for individuals over thirty. It is critical to began as early as possible. Christopher Linkas is an expert in the field and believes the young can accomplish a lot towards their retirement.


Pu5tting aside money at a young age can be difficult. Christopher Linkas explains discipline now will pay off. Being proactive also helps individuals become disciplined regarding finances and provides additional financial stability. When a person saves for retirement earlier then a more secure retirement is established.


Christopher Linkas has a lot of experience in the investment sector. He knows higher yields come with volatility. A larger payoff results from a higher risk. The older generation does not have time to take steep risks. Only educated risks with the assistance of an investment advisor should be attempted.


Many young people spend their extra earnings on pointless or large purchases. This generally results in living for each paycheck. Discipline is learned by putting money away for retirement. This places an emphasis on value and enables the person to purchase these items later. Christopher Linkas has survived some tough financial times. This discipline has worked extremely well for him as time passes.


It is necessary to establish a goal for investing for retirement while still young. It must be understood putting money into a 401(k) is much more important than any impulse purchase. This will also provide individuals with more inspiration from successful investment entrepreneurs such as Christopher Linkas. Once he earned his degree he immediately began working as an asset manager and an analyst. Within 18 months after going back to RER Financial Group he achieved a book balance exceeding $4 billion.


Compound interest has the power to increase a retirement savings. It is incredibly important to start young because this requires a good deal of time. Christopher Linkas is currently serving an investment firm based in the United Kingdom as the Head of European Credit and the Managing Director. This is why he no longer works in an advisory capacity. When he is asked for advice he replies that individuals must begin saving for retirement while still young so compound interest has enough time to make a major difference.

CryptoCorn An Ian King Recommendation

Unicorns are not mythical creatures when it comes to the world of finance, they are a startup with the ability to cleam a one billion dollar valuation. These startups are not as rare as they once were. There are two hundred and seventy-six of these companies worldwide, most people have never heard of them. Pinterest, Ubor, Airbnb and Dropbox are among the unicorns.

These four companies have a market valuation of nine hundred and sixty-seven billion dollars with a two hundred billion dollar aggregate investment. It has only been a few years and these companies already show a return of four hunded percent. The average brokerage account does not have this type of return. Blue Apron and Snapchat were on the way down when they hit the market to allow small investors to take park in their stocks and the investments lost up to sixty-five percent of the original value. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

Ian King: Why You Should Listen

Ian King Banyan has two decades of experience in financial market trading. He is currently trading cryptocurrency and have a wealth of knowledge about the practice. He has become one of Investopedia’s top contributors since the people behind the website asked him to contribute. Ian King developed a program to aid people in understanding cryptocurriences such as ripple, monero, litecoin, bitcoin and others.

Banyan Hill added Ian King to its contributors during 2017, his goal was to increase his readership so he could teach more people. An investment advisory and course in crypto trading for Banyan Hill readers. Ian King will also he launching a service for trading soon.


Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency using blockchain technology but it is the one with the most exposure. Record gains for bitcoin where recorded at 1,485 percent while there was a 12,822 increase in decentralized platform ethereum. Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin, age nineteen, during 2013. There are a thousand new projects for blockchain governed by ethereum’s platform.

Capital is being invested by non-traditional sources for the entrepeneurs that are looking for new ways to use blockchain to solve the world’s problems. The demand for new projects is greater than the supply to investors. The market costs is increasing as investors are clamouring to get in on the ground floor. Visit:


Igor Cornelsen: Brazilan Investment Advisor With An Excellent Track Record

Consistently accurate investment advice is difficult to come by. That’s one of the reasons that Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen is so unique. He has been providing sage guidance for his clients when it comes to investments for as long as anyone can remember. Initially, Cornelsen was providing that advice while working for one of Brazil’s top investment banks. Then in 1995, he left the banking industry and opened his own investment advisory firm. And through that company Igor Cornelsen has helped thousands of people to earn great dividends from the companies he recommends year after year.

In Brazil, Cornelsen is known as the man to see when you want great investment advice. And for over 40 years he has consistently delivered just that. Cornelsen has been able to help both local and foreign investors work through the often Byzantine laws surrounding investing in Brazil. Plus, the investments he recommends are usually spot on. Igor Cornelsen’s banking experience and understanding of the economic and social forces that lead to the rise and fall of the value of the stocks in specific companies in the South American nation has led many to consider him a font of wisdom when it comes to investing. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

Cornelsen has the unbeatable combination of unmatched research from reliable sources, vast knowledge of the Brazilian economy and banking laws and rare insight into the activities of Brazil’s business sector that enables him to serve as a near-infallible guide for investors. Add to that the investment rules he has identified over the years and it’s easy to see why he has such an impressive record when it comes to offering guidance to investors large and small. The honesty Igor Cornelsen displays when dealing with his clients even if it means steering them away from Brazilian companies, has helped him earn their trust and respect.

These days Igor Cornelsen is cautioning clients to display patience in dealing with Brazilian investment opportunities. He warns them of the instability of the country’s currency and recommends investing in foreign companies at the moment. That type of integrity has led to his sterling reputation. Visit:


Who is Paul Mampilly the Investment Guru?

It’s hard to truly understand who someone is based on their personal website. The best information comes from real reviews of their services or products. Whatever they’re selling usually reveals exactly who they are in real life; especially if they’re not actually producing what they’re selling.

When it comes to Paul Mampilly, people know his best for his investment advice. Obviously, the financial world is a tough place to succeed, and some people don’t believe that Paul Mampilly knows what he’s doing. Honestly, these people are just upset because they didn’t make money for whatever reason.

There are over 90,000 people who follow Paul Mampilly and subscribe to his investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited. Every one of them attests to Paul Mampilly’s ability to predict which stocks’ value will skyrocket. Nearly all of them have money by following Paul Mampilly’s advice and jumping on those stocks while the value was low enough.

The only question to ask about Paul Mampilly is how he became well-versed about investing. Currently, he manages a number of investing services and newsletters, but a few years ago, he worked on Wall Street. He got his first job at Bankers Trust, where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager.

Shortly after joining Bankers Trust, his career experienced a huge boost. By the early 2000s, he held nothing but prominent positions at banks like Deutsche Bank and ING. He began managing some of the banks’ highest-profile multimillion-dollar accounts, eventually being recruited by Kinetics Asset Management. Visit to know more.

Kinetics wanted Mampilly to grow their assets like he had with Deutsche and ING. Before long, the $6 billion company had $25 billion in assets thanks to Mampilly. His leadership earned Kinetics the title of “World’s Best” hedge fund by Barron. Paul Mampilly averaged 26 percent return on his funds while working at Kinetics.

After 25 years of running the hedge fund industry, Mampilly got tired of the fast pace. He didn’t want to completely leave the industry; he just wanted something slower but still exciting. After jumping around from one company to another, he landed at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Currently, his newsletter Profits Unlimited is the most popular financial newsletter at Banyan Hill. It’s so popular because his subscribers actually make money by taking his advice and acting fast.



Igor Cornelsen Gives Investors Better Choices

Investors that are looking for an opportunity to maximize their return on investment may need to consider the benefits of international investing. It can be a little frightening to rent outside of American investments if this is the only thing that you have known, but Igor Cornelsen is someone that can abate the fear for a lot of people that do not know about international investing.

The tips that he has given are often part of an an investment style wear he tells people to be very mindful of the culture. He believes that many people could benefit from investing in Brazil, but the tips that he gives can be utilized for any international investment possibilities. People can use these tips because Igor believes that investing in another country is an investment in the culture and you have to get to know the culture. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

What this essentially means is that investments tend to go up and down based on the buying power of natives. You will have a better return on investment when you know what is actually being done inside of the area that you want to put your investments in. Sometimes this means that you have to bring forth a new type of outlook on what the natives of the land are gravitating towards.

For Brazil Igor Cornelsen also believes that you have to pay attention to what is being exported outside of this area. All of these things play a huge factor in how well you are going to be able to maximize your returns. Read this article at to know more.

What Igor Cornelsen ultimately believes is that people that are making investments will have to spread out their investments over a multitude of different things. It does not benefit anyone to put all of their time into one area or one industry. When people do this they are simply setting themselves up for failure. Igor believes that putting your time into a multitude of industries and different stock opportunities can help you balance your portfolio even when things are going rough. Igor doesn’t want anyone to lose everything with limited investing opportunities.

More info can be found by visiting: