Perry Mandera and His Donations Towards the Citizens of Chicago


Perry Mandera is a well-recognized individual due to his support in charity organizations. Upon graduating from Chicago High School in 1975, Mr. Mandera joined the U.s Marine Corps Service. He worked for several years, and he gained skills and experiences about transportation. After being discharged from the U.S Marine Service, he was lucky enough to land a job in a transportation industry. Here, he was able to gain more skills and experiences. He later decided to start his transportation firm, but he sold it after three years.

Mr. Mandera once vied for a political seat and was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in the city of Chicago. He is referred to as the youngest individual to vie and win a city seat. He served from 1984 to 1988.

Overview of Custom Care Company

It is a transportation company that was started by Mr. Mandera in 1986. The firm was recently ranked among top 100 transportation firms in the millennium. Moreover, it was valued to have an annual income of $200 million. Custom Care Company contributes to the growth of the economy since it has employed many residents of Chicago.

Support for Charity Foundations and Donations

Perry is a recognized individual due to the donations he makes and support for charity organizations. He believes in giving back and supporting the aspirations of the unfortunate children and the youth of Chicago. Besides, he supports treatment programs that advocate for cancer and other chronic disease treatments. He provides sources of funding in more than five charity groups. Moreover, he sits in the board of directors of two charity groups but also contributes in other foundations.

Custom Care Charity Group

Mr. Mandera initiated custom Care Charity foundation. Apart from supporting other charities, he decided to start his own and named it after his transportation firm. The foundation believes in the philosophy of helping the youth until they realize their purpose. Due to this, the foundation group provides sponsorship and support for more than 100 youth football teams in Chicago. Moreover, it advocates for a clean environment by supporting such programs.