Securus Technologies Invests a Billion in Inmate Welfare Programs

The civil and criminal justice tech solutions provider of Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, has been working towards establishing better welfare for inmates for over five years now. The company has invested up to one billion dollars in the projects and is continuing to work towards their goals.


So far the Securus Technologies has invested a billion dollars in their work. The company wanted to optimize the video visitation options for people. Thus they acquired Primonics for $30 million so that they can establish better technology and services. In order to make it more affordable for families with lower incomes, Securus Technologies also dropped their rates for video visitations. That change saved their client a collective of nearly 300 M over the past five years.


Next, Securus Technologies committed to funding the Prison Entrepreneurship Program or PEPfor short. The company sponsored the PEP for five years which made grand changes to its operation and success rates. Securus Technologies did not only fund other programs and organization but also established one of their own. The Securus Foundation started operating recently in July 2017. It is a nonprofit organization which focuses on providing solutions for reducing recidivism and helps inmates to reenter society successfully.


In 2015, Securus Technologies also helped establish better education through the Lantern tech education platform. That and many other tools to provide better education to US prisons were received well by both the inmates and the prison officials.


These are only some of the examples of the projects that Securus Technologies has completed over the past handful of years n order to better the welfare of inmates across the United States. The Dallas-based firm has been coming out with newer and better civil and criminal justice solution, and reportedly has big plans for the upcoming year in terms of their products.