Thank You Securus Technologies For Your Help

I am so glad all of his cell phones were confiscated. I was not aware that he even had those things in there with him. I have no idea how he got them past the guards and all of the security in the jail. I have not encouraged my son in this type of behavior. I am truly ashamed of his actions. Growing up without a father was pretty hard on him. I know you have heard this same story a million times before. But it is really true in my case. I did the best I could in raising him to be a proper and thoughtful child. As he became a young man, he made choices that were not beneficial to his well-being. And as he grew older, those choices structured his life. I am glad he is in a place where he can be primarily influenced by men who are helping him to rehabilitate. That is why your program is so helpful. Securus Technologies, you have thought of all the youthful, foolish tricks young men enter jail with. And you catch them every time. Securus Technologies, you continue to support the conviction to just follow the rules given to you and live a simple life. Some people have to learn that principle the hard way. They keep trying to be slick. Unfortunately, my son is one of those people at this point in his life. Because Securus Technologies caught him on the phones, trying to sell more phones, he is slowing down with the trickery. For that I am grateful. Hopefully, this will be a serious wake-up call. Thank you again Securus Technologies.