Tobias Jaeger – The Man You Should Know

Tobias Jaeger is a managing partner in the AXIOM Venture Capital. Tobias was trying to run many companies ever since he was a university student at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He founded his very first successful company in 2007 called Business Associates Europe while he was still going to school at his university. The company he started was a strategy consulting business that was delivering strategies to other corporations.


Tobias started an e-gaming business that worked with a leading poker players to establish a website online called StrategosPoker, where they are able to teach casual poker players how to play on a more competitive level and make personal income from playing poker.


That is not all Tobias is doing with his degree and business ventures. Tobias Became the managing director of entrepreneur academy, which provides personality learning and provides services to people all around Europe and the middle east. Due to his love of teaching and developing skills that he will be able to use in his professional life Tobias is able to start a business and help other individuals would like to learn about the skills needed and types of personality you need to have to run a successful business.


Tobias was a big part in the starting of AXIOM Pictures one of the only entertainment equity funds that was started in Europe and bases itself out of Europe. By working with the main media corporations, he was able to think of the idea of using the services to contact innovators.


Tobias Jaeger is a man who loves his job because every day is something different for him and something unexpected is always able to happen. Being focused on helping and starting one thing or the other is a challenge to him and he knows that he will always have a project that will be on hand. He says that being able to do so many different things is what makes him happier to stay working and helps him to keep productive and getting everything done right and sometimes needs him to change something. Being able to eat healthy and light lunches is able to help make someone more productive.


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